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The Dreidelmans are a typical Jewish American Family living in the diverse suburb of Holiday Hills, NJ.  This short web series was released over the course of the eight days of Chanukah. Currently the Dreidelmans' are  working on their Holiday Special along with  several of their neighbors the Matzahweitzes.  

The Dreidelmans started with a series of drawings Lori did for her daughter at Chanukah . Her Daughter, who voices the character of Goldie Dreidelman, asked about Rudolph, Frosty and all the other characters associated with Christmas.  Realizing there were no Chanukah equivalents, Lori improvised a few of her own. The following year her daughter asked to watch a Dreidelmans TV special and the web series was born. 

Lori has created several holiday themed families to round out the neighborhood of Holiday Hills.  While the Dreidelmans are Jewish they live in a world were many cultures coexist.

The Dreidelmans Episode 1: The  First Night of Chanukah

The Dreidelmans Episode 1: The First Night of Chanukah

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Florence vs. The Machine is an animated comedy series exploring the generation gap most evident in when navigating new technology.

The story focuses on Flo, a 78-year-old woman who has moved from New Jersey to a retirement community in Florida.   Flo’s lacks even a rudimentary  understanding of modern technology is a constant source of confusion, frustration and humor.  The series is animated to real life  recordings between Lori and her mother Flo.